This is something I am really loving to do. Well. I’ve been doing this for 19 years out of my 35!

Talking seriously, I am an experienced diction coach — Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish to be mentioned. Some rare things, such as Norwegian and Czech, or historical pronunciation.

My background in languages is:

Volgograd State University — French, English (2004)

PhD in Linguistics ‘Phonetic characteristics of sung speech’ (2007)

Studying lyric diction at Mansfield University (2000)

Visiting France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, the USA, Spain, Latin America: performing there, studying diction in singing from the native speakers — singers, stage directors, Korrepetitors

communicating in the languages

printed works, such as Excerpts from G. Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ (2010), articles on Russian phonetics in singing (some of these to appear on this site in some time)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me might you be interested in aspects of diction in singing!